STEM Challenge


Catapult Competition Rules and Guidelines

May 19, 2018 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
BG Peck Soccer Complex, 709 Kelly Rd, Angleton TX 77515
This competition, underwritten by Freeport LNG, will promote STEM literacy by encouraging students and the general public to construct a catapult for a friendly competition. The competition will be open to all Brazoria County residents and advertised to schools throughout the County. Four divisions will be open to Elementary, Middle, Junior and High School students plus an Open division for the general public. Trophies will be awarded for both Accuracy and Distance.

Division Criteria

Each catapult can only be entered in a given grade level once. The test is of the catapult, not the operator. The same catapult can compete at different grade levels if the entering team has members in the respective grade ranges. Grade levels are K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, adult.

Teams must research, design, construct and operate their catapult. Kits and commercially available catapults will not be allowed. Each team will have 4 shots for each division, Accuracy and Distance.

Elementary, Middle and Junior High School divisions may use torsion, tension or counterweight throwing arms. High School and Open divisions may only use counterweight throwing arms. A lever arm that hurls the projectile must be incorporated into the device. Electric, gas or bow powered devices are not permitted. An independent safety officer will be on hand to evaluate each device to ensure the safety of the contestants and general public.

Freeport LNG will also provide a consulting engineer to visit schools that request this at the time of their pre-registration.

Competition Criteria

Each grade level will have a challenge for Accuracy and Distance with trophies available for each. The ranges for the accuracy targets will be K-3=10’, 4-5=20’, 6-8=30’. The High School target will be 100 yards. Targets will be vertical facades with a clearly marked center point. The open division will be competing for distance from the firing line.

Ammunition will be provided – paintballs for lower divisions, one-pound sandbags for High School and Open divisions.

Each team will get four shots. The closest of these four shots will be judged.

Only the judges and range spotters will be allowed onto the field of fire. Each range will have two spotters and one judge who is also that field’s range master. Failure to follow the judge’s directions will result in immediate dismissal from the competition.

Pre-registration by April 19, 2018 is required.
There is no registration fee.