Brazoria County Library System

Long Range Plan 2011 - 2016

David T. Thrash
Library Director

As part of an ongoing directive from the state of Texas all public libraries are required to submit an approved long range plan every five years. The Brazoria County Library System's most recent long range plan expires in June of 2011 and a new version must be submitted to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in order to maintain system membership and to remain eligible for state and federal funding. The following document was created to fulfill that requirement and to help direct the system's planning process and to create priorities for funding, programming, and collection development.

After establishing a committee comprised of members of the library board, the director, and assistant director, the Library's Administrative staff and County Library Board began a series of community meetings intended to obtain input about community needs and priorities. Additionally, user's surveys were distributed within each building and through an online marketing service. These surveys were designed to reach both users and nonusers. Library administration hoped to discover what programs and services were most valuable in each community, what services and programs should be improved or discontinued, and what obstacles prevented non-users from taking advantage of the library.

After all community input was collated and service priorities identified, library staff members were invited to a series of meetings and allowed to add their voice to the process. Once all the information was collected, the Long Range Planning committee prepared the following fifty goals, objectives, and action steps. Library Administration and the Board are confident that these goals will help the system continue to serve the citizens of Brazoria County, to remain relevant in spite of rapidly emerging technologies, and to sustain a growing and improving system for future users.

The entire project took approximately 16 months to complete.


The Brazoria County Library System serves the educational, informational, and recreational needs of library users. Its mission is to provide library resources for citizens of all ages. The library strives to achieve the highest level of service, while stressing convenience, speed of access, and quality of information.

BCLS - More than books

Goal A: Improve the quality of service throughout Brazoria County Library System.

Objective 1: Increase hours at branches.

Activity a: Open at 9:00 a.m.

Activity b: Open on currently closed weekdays

Activity c: Expand evening hours

Activity d: Increase public service staff

Objective 2: Increase programming for all audiences including adults, senior citizens, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary-age children, tweens, teens, homeschoolers, and non-English speakers.

Activity a: Provide special programs, exhibits, and displays

Activity b: Provide more intergenerational programs

Objective 3: Improve online services.

Activity a: Continue to update and adjust the library's webpage

Activity b: Make use of electronic announcements/notifications to communicate with patrons.

Activity c: Market online databases and adjust selections as community needs change.

Activity d: Acquire a mobile interface (app) for the library catalog.

Goal B: Increase outreach by Brazoria County Library System.

Objective 1: Develop a BCLS brand that is recognized throughout the community.

Activity a: Develop a style guide to insure a consistent appearance for all library communications.

Activity b: Better utilize local media and new technologies to advertise library programs and services

Activity c: Increase participation in community events.

Activity d: Create system-wide events to promote libraries.

Objective 2: Pursue relationships with area institutions such as schools, museums, churches, local media, businesses, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Activity a: Invite local elected officials to visit branches.

Activity b: Involve local celebrities in library programming.

Activity c: Pursue joint programming with the county museum and the county parks department.

Objective 3: Provide library services to the community at unaffiliated and/or non-library locations.

Activity a: Look into offering library services to homebound residents or through community senior centers.

Activity b: Develop programs with third-party organizations like nursing homes and daycare centers.

Activity c: Encourage local Friends' organizations to support outreach programming.

Goal C: Improve collection management at Brazoria County Library System.

Objective 1: Centralize selection and purchasing.

Activity a: Empower Selection Committees to select and purchase for the branches.

Activity b: Establish a system for the branches to input material needs to the Selection Committees.

Objective 2: Assure consistency of cataloging and processing of materials and facilitate corrections as needed.

Activity a: Establish standards for the copy catalogers to follow when entering new materials into the Integrated Library System.

Activity b: Curtail local cataloging requests.

Activity c: Centralize special collection breakout.

Objective 3: Investigate emerging technologies.

Activity a: Review other ILS and open source systems on a triennial basis.

Activity b: Assign certain personnel to review and report on emerging technologies on an annual basis

Objective 4: Insure the collection adequately reflects community diversity including lifestyles, regional differences, and ethnic background.

Goal D: Improve and expand the facilities of Brazoria County Library System.

Objective 1: Reevaluate the floor plan, layout, and décor in all branches for optimal use of space, attractive and inviting design, and an open and welcoming environment.

Activity a: Acquire attractive furniture and display fixtures including end panel display equipment.

Activity b: Remove barriers and rearrange furniture, etc. to improve traffic flow through the branches.

Activity c: Improve the look and feel of branch buildings with the judicious use of color.

Activity d: Clean and/or replace upholstery as needed.

Activity e: Replace flooring.

Objective 2: Study the feasibility of building and/or enlarging the branches in the following areas: Angleton, Manvel, Pearland Westside, Sweeny and West Columbia.

Goal E: Improve the equipment and technology at Brazoria County Library System.

Objective 1: Implement three-year technology plan that is filed with the Texas State Library & Archives Commission. Available Here