Cooling Stations

Gulf Coast Auto Park Donates Water for Library Cooling Stations

Keeping cool in the summer months in Brazoria County is essential to staying healthy. As the summer temperatures continue to rise, the risk of health problems for infants, elderly, and those with respiratory illness greatly increases.

As a solution, the Brazoria County Library System has partnered with United Way of Brazoria County, ActionS, Inc. of Brazoria County and Gulf Coast Auto Park, which has generously donated the bottled water, to create cooling stations at our libraries throughout the county. These cooling stations provide an air-conditioned environment where residents can escape the heat and stay hydrated.

“We appreciate the partnerships, as we work together to keep our citizens safe and healthy during these summer months, especially our most vulnerable citizens, “ said County Judge Matt Sebesta.

Part of our vision at United Way is to help residents lead healthier lives,” said Gloria Luna, Director of Community Outreach for United Way of Brazoria County. “It is important to do whatever we can to help members of our community beat the heat.”

From now until the end of September residents may take advantage of the library cooling stations when the heat index is predicted to be 100 degrees or higher during regular library hours of operation. To locate a library near you check our webpage at: or consult the free Ready Brazoria County app.

Gulf Coast Auto Park