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Books of Arab American Interest

titles featuring Arab or Arab American characters
or based upon Arab folktales

Young Adult
Overboard – Elizabeth Fama
The Enemy Has a Face – Gloria D. Miklowitz

Juvenile Fiction
Samir and Yonatan – Daniella Carmi
A Stone In My Hand – Cathryn Clinton
Iqbal – Francesco D'Adamo
The Breadwinner – Deborah
City – Deborah Ellis
Parvana's Journey – Deborah Ellis
Shadow Spinner – Susan Fletcher
The Storytellers – Ted Lewin
Magid Fasts for Ramadan – Mary Matthews
My Name Is Bilal – Asma Mobin-Uddin
Dear Whiskers – Ann Whitehead Nagda
Habibi – Naomi Shihab Nye
The Carpet Boy's Gift – Pegi Deitz Shea
Shabanu, Daughter of the Wind – Suzanne F. Staples
The Shadows of Ghadames – Joλlle Stolz
How the Fisherman Tricked the Genie: A Tale Within a Tale Within a Tale – Kitoba Sunami

Picture Books
Hosni the Dreamer: An Arabian Tale – Ben-Ezer Ehud
A Balloon for Grandad – Nigel Gray
The Day of Ahmed's Secret – Florence Parry Heide & Judith Heide Gilliland
Sami and the Time of the Troubles – Florence Parry Heide & Judith Heide Gilliland
Silly Chicken – Rukhsana Khan
My Name Was Hussein – Hristo Kyuchukov
Sitti's Secrets – Naomi Shihab Nye
Ali and the Magic Stew – Shulamith Oppenheim
The Hundredth Name – Shulamith Oppenheim

Gavriel and Jamal: Two Boys of Jerusalem – Brent Ashabranner
Lebanon 1-2-3: A Counting Book in Three Languages, English-French-Arabic – Marijean Moran Boueri
Arab Folktales – Inea Bushnaq, editor
The Persian Cinderella – Shirley Climo
The Hungry Coat: A Tale from Turkey – Demi
Ramadan – Susan Douglass
Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak – Deborah Ellis
The Bachelor and the Bean – Shelley Fowles
The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story – Rebecca Hickox
Ramadan – Suhaib Hamid Ghazi
Celebrating Ramadan – Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
The Tale of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp – Eric A. Kimmel
The Three Princes – Eric A. Kimmel
Ramadan – David F. Marx
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – Walter McVitty
19 Varieties of Gazelle – Naomi Shihab Nye
The Space Between Our Footsteps – Naomi Shihab Nye
Iblis – Shulamith Oppenheim
The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World – Francis Robinson, editor
Fatima the Spinner and the Tent – Idries Shah
The Man and the Fox – Idries Shah
The Man With Bad Manners – Idries Shah
The Spread of Islam – Clarice Swisher, editor
The Patient Stone: A Persian Love Story – Margaret Wolfson
American Islam: Growing Up Muslim in
America – Richard Wormser
O Jerusalem – Jane Yolen

Muhammad – Demi
Muhammad of
Mecca: Prophet of Islam – Elsa Marston
Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354 – James Rumford
Alia’s Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq, Inspired by a True Story – Mark Alan Stamaty
Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam – Diane Stanley
The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from
Iraq – Jeanette Winter

titles last updated July 15, 2008

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