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In the Path

titles about hurricanes

Young Adult
As Hot As It Was You Ought to Thank Me: A Novel - Nanci Kincaid

Juvenile Fiction
Storm Warriors - Elisa Carbone
Hurricane! - Corinne Demas
Survival! Hurricanes - Kathleen Duey
Hurricane Guest - Sam & Beryl Epstein
The Silent Storm - Sherry Garland
Terror From the Gulf: A Hurricane in Galveston - Martha Tannery Jones
Galveston's Summer of the Storm - Julie Lake
Arly's Run - Robert Newton Peck
The Great Storm: The Hurricane Diary of J.T. King, Galveston, Texas, 1900 - Lisa Waller Rogers
Belinda's Hurricane - Elizabeth Winthrop

Picture Books
Old Hannibal and the Hurricane - Berthe Amoss
The Day the Hurricane Happened - Lonzo Anderson
Radio Rescue - Lynne Barasch
Hurricane Music - Barbara Bottner
Alligator Sue - Sharon Arms Doucet
Tiny and Bigman - Phillis Gershator
A Shelter In Our Car - Monica Gunning
Nora's Ark - Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
Hurricane! - Patricia Lakin
Hurricane - Jonathan London
Hurricane - Faith McNulty
Hurricane Wolf - Diane Paterson
Hurricane City - Sarah Weeks
Hurricane - David Wiesner
Letting Swift River Go - Jane Yolen

Dangerous Planet: Natural Disasters That Changed History - Bryn Barnard
Hurricanes Have Eyes But Can't See and Other Amazing Facts About Wild Weather - Melvin & Gilda Berger
Hurricane and Typhoon Alert! - Paul Challen
Hurricane and Tornado - Jack Challoner
The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane - Joanna Cole
Hurricane Hunters! Riders On the Storm - Chris L. Demarest
Mayday! Mayday! A Coast Guard Rescue - Chris L. Demarest
Hurricane Hunters - Timothy R. Gaffney
The Fury of Hurricane Andrew, 1992 - Karen Bush Gibson
Hurricanes and Typhoons - Jen Green
Storm Warning: Tornadoes and Hurricanes - Jonathan D. Kahl
Hurricanes: Earth's Mightiest Storms - Patricia Lauber
America's Great Disasters - Martin W. Sandler
Hurricane Andrew: Nature's Rage - Victoria Sherrow
Hurricanes - Seymour Simon
Storms! - Time for Kids Editors
Dangerous Crossings - Carole Garbuny Vogel

titles last updated November 15, 2006

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