VIP Access Acknowledgement

VIP Access

VIP access allows registered patrons limited and monitored access to library facilities outside of normal business hours. This service is available to patrons 18 or older in good standing who sign the acceptable use statement. Those seeking VIP access agree to be financially responsible for damage to the building or the equipment while their card has been used to gain access. The parameters of the VIP Access Program may change at the library's discretion.


I agree to abide by the policies and guidelines of the Brazoria County Library System and the VIP Access Program. I acknowledge that I will be held legally and financially responsible for any damage to the building and/or equipment while my card has been used to gain access and my VIP Access may be revoked at the library's discretion.


  • The patron is responsible for any damage to building or equipment while their account is being used to access the building.
  • The patron may be accompanied by no more than two minor children of whom they are the legal guardian.
  • The patron may not open the door for anyone else.
  • The patron must not be in the building outside of VIP Access hours.
  • The patron must comply with all messages including to exit the building. Anyone remaining in the building after the closing message will be considered trespassing and may be subject to legal ramifications, including arrest.
  • The patron acknowledges that security cameras monitor the space.

You will be notified when your VIP access is available.
* Field Required